Zirconium ceramic crowns

Dental crowns produced from zirconium ceramic are a long-lasting and sturdy solution, which makes them an excellent alternative to the metal ceramic ones, in respect of which the former present incomparable aesthetic qualities as well.

In fact, zirconium ceramic crowns do not have a metal base, which renders them transparent and assures a truly natural look, so that sometimes it is hard to distinguish a natural tooth from a crown. Also, in the case of  zirconium ceramic crowns there is no gums discoloration around the crown's neck.

Zirconium ceramic is a highly biocompatible and bioinert material which does not provoke allergies. Being also a bad heat conductor, it reduces the chance for tooth's nerve irritation.

Thanks to their aesthetic qualities, zirconium ceramic crowns are perfect for use on the front teeth, but their strength, assured by this material know as "white steel", makes them perfect to keep up with the chewing stresses exerted in the lateral part of the jaw.

 These dental crowns are applied in a very similar manner as the metal ceramic ones, but they need the tooth to be prepared with a step filing.

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