Medical imaging is often the basis for correct diagnosis and effective cure planning, but sometimes X-rays are necessary throughout the treatment to follow developments and confirm results. The possibility to produce X-rays within the clinic is important to accelerate procedures and start with the cures as soon as possible. It also aids real time monitoring of ongoing procedures.

Dental radiology allows the discovery of the most common diseases, such as tooth decay, but it is very important for assessing the overall development of teeth. X-rays are done to assess damage after traumas or to identify pathological modifications to tissue.

As each case requires, endoral radiovisiographies, which apply to limited areas of the oral cavity, but also panoramic X-rays can be performed. The latter allow a visual of the entire jaw, teeth and bone included, but also of the maxillary sinuses, so that bone damage can be detected. Panoramic X-rays are also fundamental when planning implantology treatments.

At Riviera Dent it is possible to have both types of X-rays, performed with two of the best instruments on the market, the Trophy Ellitys for endoral radiovisiographies and the Planmeca ProOne for panoramic X-rays.

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