Locator fixed prosthesis

The Locator fixed prosthesis is indicated in cases of total tooth loss. It is a semi-mobile prosthetic solution that allows the patient to remove it and clean it autonomously.

The prosthesis, produced in acrylate, is maximally reduced which makes it less bulky than the usual prosthesis. For example, the upper jaw prosthesis does not have the palate. Also, this type of solution is much more stable, especially in the case of the lower jaw, where prosthesis tend to move.

This prosthetic solution is also economically viable, as it's positioning requires between two and four implants. The upper jaw prosthesis is usually fixed with four implants, while the lower jaw one can be fixed with just two, although four are a more stable and thus preferable solution.

The phases of the procedure:

  • implants' positioning (4 in the upper jaw, 2-4 in the lower jaw)
  • osteointegration period of three months
  • opening of the implants and gums modelling, needed to shape the gums for the abutments  - in this case the locator
  • the impression of the patient's mouth is taken and the prosthesis is formed in the lab
  • positioning of the locators: formed from two parts, they are the connection between the implants and the prosthesis and function like buttons

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