Bone grafting

Before the application of dental implants it is sometimes necessary to restore an optimal level of bone volume. In fact, as a consequence of tooth loss, trauma or inflammation lack of bone can occur, which is an impediment for implant's placement.

The procedure of bone augmentation can be carried out with artificial materials or natural bone grafts. Artificial bone (biomaterial) is applied immediately prior to implant's placement in case of small deficiencies, while in case of large deficiencies bone grafting is necessary.

How is bone grafting carried out?

The procedure, carried out in local anaesthesia, is painless and requires a short recovery period.

The graft is taken from the chin or the back of the jaw and placed in the spot with bone deficiency. The bone tissue is fixed with screws and covered by a membrane.

Implants can usually be placed six to eight months after the procedure.

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