All-on-four dental implants

All-on-four dental implants: when and how they are applied

Implantology is the ideal solution to obviate to the loss of one or more teeth, thus also in the case of total tooth loss. In fact, the many disadvantages of complete mobile dentures have inspired new solutions which allow a growing number of patients to choose one of the alternatives. Among these, there is the possibility to replace all the teeth of one jaw by applying only a limited number of implants, which are, due to their strategic positioning and particular precautions during installation, sufficient to support a fixed prosthesis. This is the so-called All-on-four method!

How does a denture on four implants work?

A mobile denture is the classical solution for total tooth loss. But, such a prosthetic solution can cause discomfort and serious problems to mouth tissues, so that many patients never get used to it.
In these cases, the solution with four, or sometimes more implants, is ideal. In fact, these implants are positioned so to provide maximum stability to the prosthesis, taking into account the bone volume of each part of the jaw. Moreover, due to an oblique positioning of the implants they can provide stability and endurance, making sure that the prosthesis does not move or get damaged.

The course of the treatment

After a serious individual diagnostic process, during which all criteria for determining feasibility, difficulty and length of the procedure are taken into account, the doctor will be able to judge whether All-on-four is the ideal solution, or more implants are necessary. Similarly, the doctor will be able to assess whether preparatory procedures are needed before implants' application. Once all implants are in place, the healing and osseointegration process starts, which will ensure the creation of a strong bond between the implant and the bone, lasting between three and six months.  
During the healing phase patients do not have to be toothless, as a temporary denture in resin can be applied during this time, and then substituted by a fixed prosthesis once osseointegration is complete. This method thus combines a temporary denture with the minimal number of implants, assuring aesthetics and functionality, but also reasonable pricing suitable to all patients' needs.
Take an appointment at our clinic and start immediately with diagnostics to find out whether All-on-four is the ideal solution for your case and your needs.  

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