Restoring the loss of all teeth

Restoring the loss of all teeth

In case of total tooth loss on one or both jaws the restoring possibilities are only two - a fixed prosthesis on implants or a movable denture.

Movable dentures

These are prosthesis aimed at restoring total tooth loss. While they partially fulfil the task to restore chewing functions and aesthetics, they do not help maintaining bone and soft tissue's health, on the contrary, they can sometime cause gums irritation and some patients never get used to them.

Total fixed prosthesis - All-on-4 or All-on-6

Much better from the point of view of the patient and also from a strictly medical standpoint, are fixed solutions on implants. Nowadays total prosthesis can be applied to a limited number of implants, usually four or six, which are strategically placed so to offer optimal support.

This restorative solution has to be preceded by serious diagnostic procedure that need to evaluate whether preparatory treatments, such as bone grafting or tooth removal, are necessary.

In case healthy teeth are still present within a jaw, they can be used to anchor a temporary bridge to facilitate the transition period between implant placement and prosthesis attachment. Alternatively a mobile prosthesis is supplied, so the patient is never toothless.

The dental clinic Riviera Dent provides all diagnostic treatments necessary to evaluate the possibility of proceeding with a total implantological solution. Contact us and take an appointment.

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