Solutions for the loss of one tooth

Replacing the loss of one tooth

There are two usual procedures within dental medicine when there is the need to replace one missing tooth. These are fixed partial prosthesis (fixed dental bridge) and a dental crown positioned on an implant.

Fixed dental bridge

A fixed prosthesis, o bridge, is a set of dental crowns that fill the space occupied by the missing tooth and cover two nearby teeth that function as supports for the bridge. These supporting teeth need to be drilled, which can favour the development of dental illnesses and, sometimes, they need to be devitalised. This solution, while allow to regain functional and aesthetic features of the lost tooth does not prevent bone loss or receding gums.

Dental implant

The placement of a dental implant has no negative effects on adjacent teeth and has a positive effect on bone and soft tissue. One the implant has been placed and the wound has healed, a dental crown and an abutment are installed on the implant. The crown is designed to imitate perfectly the shape and surface of natural teeth.

Dental implants are a long lasting solution if they are properly taken care of, meaning good hygiene and regular visits to your dental practitioner. Thus, they are the perfect solution not only to replace a missing tooth, but also to keep in good health the surrounding ones.

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