Gum sculpting for healthy teeth and a perfect smile

Certain dental treatments are carried out not just to insure better dental health but for aesthetic purposes only, as certain tooth-related issues can often cause insecurity or dissatisfaction to the patient. One of such treatments is gum sculpting which is used when the gum line is irregular or covers too much of the teeth, which is known as gummy smile. 

In these cases gingivectomy and gingivoplastics can be carried out to correct the gum line. In fact, when there are irregularities in the gum line these treatments can help to modify it creating a matching line, while in the case of a gummy smile the gum line is lifted so to expose the teeth more. In both case results are purely aesthetic, but these methods can also be used in cases of severe gum inflammation which resulted in the creation of the so-called pockets, in turn making the infection even worse spreading it to other periodontal tissues. Gingivectomy is used in such cases to remove the inflamed tissue and allow for faster healing of the gums.

The procedure

Usually prior to gingivectomy scaling is carried out to remove tartar, after which the gum line is corrected with surgical procedures or laser, all under local anaesthesia. In most case the procedure lasts just a few minutes, but this depends on the quantity of gum tissues that needs to be treated. After the procedure painkillers can be used, and it is advised to use mouthwash and a gel which helps gum's healing.

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