Crown tooth restoration - what is it and when it is used

Advanced cavities or other damage to the tooth can bring forth the need to reconstruct it by forming a skeleton which will reinforce it and prepare it for the application of a crown. This is possible only in those cases when the root is healthy and undamaged, so this procedure will in fact preserve the natural tooth. The procedure is possible when damage affected the tooth's crown up to the pulp, leaving the root intact.

How is the procedure done?

This kind of reconstruction is performed with the aid of a so called post-and-core which is inserted after a root canal has been performed, i.e. after an endodontic procedure of tooth nerve removal was done. The post is inserted within the root with a special cement which is used to create an external core which will be used to support the new crown.

Nowadays it is possible to choose among various types of posts, mainly divided among composite and metallic ones. In the first case the post is built directly in the mouth with special glass fibres, while metallic ones are produced in the laboratory, thus requiring more time.

 This type of  restoration allows to postpone implant's placement, as the natural tooth is "saved" and its root is used to anchor the prosthesis, in this case a crown.

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