Diastema - gaps between the teeth

Published: 23.02.2021

What is diastema? Diastema indicates a gap between the teeth, be it caused naturally or after the loss of a tooth, thus... Read more

Bad breath

Published: 04.11.2020

Bad or noticeable breath is very common and its causes are connected to a series of disorders connected to the oral... Read more

Crown tooth restoration - what is it and when it is used

Published: 17.09.2020

Advanced cavities or other damage to the tooth can bring forth the need to reconstruct it by forming a skeleton which... Read more

Gum sculpting for healthy teeth and a perfect smile

Published: 19.08.2020

Certain dental treatments are carried out not just to insure better dental health but for aesthetic purposes only, as... Read more

Damage to the enamel - prevention and cure

Published: 24.06.2020

What is dental enamel? The outermost layer of the tooth covering the dentin is called enamel. It is an extremely hard... Read more

White or composite fillings

Published: 06.05.2020

Fillings are used to replace parts of the tooth which had to be removed to heal cavities or have been damaged by... Read more

Waterpick or oral irrigators, a simple way to keep a perfect oral hygiene

Published: 14.04.2020

Two daily activities are key to maintaining good oral hygiene: brushing and flossing. While most of us are very... Read more

Milk teeth eruption: deciduous and permanent teeth

Published: 11.03.2020

Humans have two types of teeth: the so-called milk teeth and permanent ones. As each characterises a particular phase... Read more

Dental floss - an ally to oral hygiene

Published: 03.03.2020

Brushing cleanses well the front and rear surface of teeth, while interdental spaces and the gum line are usually more... Read more

CAD/CAM technology in dental medicine

Published: 17.10.2019

In recent years digital methods within dental medicine are being more regularly used as they facilitate and fasten... Read more

The sterility of working areas and instruments

Published: 22.08.2019

The sterility of working areas and instruments used in medicine, and thus in dental practices, is a key moment in... Read more

Veneers - allies for a perfect smile

Published: 09.07.2019

Veneers are small ceramic elements used to cover the teeth to better their look and hide aesthetic imperfections. These... Read more

Implantology - gingiva formers and superstructures

Published: 27.06.2019

Implantological procedures are carried out in several phases, one of which is aimed at the modelling of the gums so... Read more

Digital panoramic radiography

Published: 14.06.2019

A precise diagnosis is the key to a successful treatment of dental illnesses, while X-ray imaging of the mouth is a... Read more

Laser in dental health treatments

Published: 06.05.2019

The laser is a machine which emanates a beam of light or more precisely electromagnetic energy of the visible and... Read more


Published: 21.02.2019

Apicoectomy is an oral surgery procedure during which the apex of the tooth root is removed. The procedure is carried... Read more

Tooth curettage

Published: 17.12.2018

Tooth curettage is a minimally painful periodontal procedure aimed at removing plaque created on the teeth’s surface... Read more

What is bruxism and how to treat it?

Published: 28.11.2018

Bruxism is one of those symptoms which at first do not seem so harmful, while in fact can provoke major and often... Read more

Dermal fillers

Published: 30.07.2018

With age the skin looses elasticity, collagen and subcutaneous fat, while the quantities of hyaluronic acid and its... Read more

How to maintain proper oral hygiene?

Published: 15.03.2018

Regular oral hygiene carried out at home daily is the first step towards a healthy mouth. In fact, to avoid cavity,... Read more

The most efficient methods for teeth whitening

Published: 18.09.2017

The color of teeth is certainly one of the first things we note in a person. In fact, white or in any case light... Read more

All-on-4 dental implants

Published: 02.07.2017

The All-on-4 implantology method is an advanced technique that allows entire jaw tooth replacement with a minimally... Read more

What you need to know on ceramic crowns

Published: 15.05.2017

Novelties in dental medicine, in both treatments and materials, appear on an almost everyday basis, so it is hard for... Read more

What influences the colour of teeth?

Published: 28.01.2017

The white colour of teeth is often connected with their health, but also with beauty. In reality, teeth are not white,... Read more

What are teeth made of? Fundamental facts and individual differences

Published: 04.10.2016

Teeth are composed by several parts which together form their external structure and their nucleus, more precisely the... Read more

Dental implants: replacing missing teeth, but also safeguarding oral health

Published: 26.08.2016

It has been well established that dental implants are a better solution than classic tooth replacement techniques, such... Read more

Periodontitis, a common, yet often invisible enemy

Published: 09.06.2016

Periodontitis is one of the most common dental pathologies, although it does not affect the tooth itself but the... Read more